Thursday, June 12, 2008 tell about your city, hear about his city, her city, their city, and connect to people across the country via venue reviews. The name is incredible, and the work that is being put into it is going to make the site absolutely explode! was created to give people an opportunity to write and read restaurant, club, event, and tourist attractions reviews. The site was recently launched, and still has various features, which will be introduced in the near future, including social networking aspects, an inclusion of hotels and spas, as well as more refined search options. is receiving about 100,000 visitors per month with zero advertising, and is growing daily. We are looking forward to your contribution in the growth of MyCity.

You may be asking, what is the point of? What is all the hype about? Why create a review? was created in order to stimulate interaction between individuals across the country, interested in receiving feedback on the venues they attend. How often are you looking for somewhere new to go, something interesting to see? Once expands, people in any city across the country will be able to connect, find new venues to attend which have received praises, and avoid the umm... not-so-favorable scenes.

So check out and sign up for free on today... It is the newest, soon to be most popular social networking, city search, and review site out there!

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